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Energy Conservation

Reducing Energy Use

“Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only change form” – First Law of Thermodynamics

While the human population, and energy needs, of the planet continue to increase, the total amount of energy that exists on the planet remains the same. If energy, such as electricity, is conserved and used efficiently, you can expect to be immediately rewarded with lower utility bills. Because every action we take requires energy, there are numerous opportunities to conserve energy throughout the course of a day. If you make enough small changes, the pennies you save from each change will quickly add up to dollars.

Three suggestions for conserving energy:

1. Choose computer screen backgrounds with darker colors, and visit energy conserving web sites, such as the Google powered search engine www.blackle.com, to reduce your energy usage with minimum effort.

2. Since 70% of the energy used to make and care for a piece of clothing comes from laundering the garment, the choices you make while doing laundry can make a big difference in the amount of energy you use. Regularly using cold water whenever possible and avoiding washing small loads of laundry will make a significant difference in the amount of energy you use during your lifetime.

3. Supplying and treating water is one of the most (if not the most) electricity-consuming services that municipalities provide. Therefore, finding ways to reduce the amount of water you use or reuse before sending it down the drain is a great way to conserve energy. For example, after boiling pasta or water you can pour the leftover water into a container and let it cool to room temperature. Then, use the “infused water” to water your indoor or outdoor plants (as a bonus, they’ll love the extra vitamin boost they get from it!)