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In the Parks

Oakland County Parks is committed to providing safe, clean, accessible facilities and services to the community. Charged with the management and stewardship of more than 6,700 acres of public land, including some significant and rare natural areas, our goal is to protect and sustain these areas for future generations. The incorporation of energy-efficient practices in all facets of parks operations and management is vital to the future of the parks system.

Oakland County Parks has established the following green initiatives to ensure the well-being of park patrons and continue to be good stewards of our natural resources. In addition, the Oakland county Parks and Recreation Commission supports and practices Oakland County Executive's Energy Management Procedures.

Oakland County Parks is also a partner with the Oakland County Executive's Oakgreen Initiative. This initiative encourages collaboration between businesses, residents and local governments to create stronger communities through energy improvements that help the local economy and the environment.


  • Parks employees recycle paper, plastic, metals, batteries, lights and ink cartridges in special collection containers
  • Recycling programs for patrons at all campgrounds, waterparks, golf courses and day use parks will be established

Cleaning products

  • All park facilities now utilize green cleaning products that are low in volatile organic compounds, reducing the amount of toxins in the air


  • All parks equipment runs on bio-diesel fuel in order to improve overall health and protect the environment
  • The Parks use bio-lubricants as an alternative for cleaning and lubricating equipment

Land and Water

  • All parks now have designated “no mow zones,” which will decrease the amount of gas and energy used in maintaining park property and allows for natural plant progression.
  • Integrated Pest Management principles were established to reduce the use of chemical pesticides.
  • The Parks system continuously strives to purchase land with the goal of preserving and managing green space.
  • An exemplary stormwater management project has been installed at Waterford Oaks County Park to protect water quality in the Clinton River Watershed.
  • Parking Lot facility improvements include bio-swales installation to collect stormwater and help protect streams and tributaries within the watershed.

Energy Conservationa and Efficiencies

  • Energy Audits have recently been conducted at facilities to identify improvements for efficiency. These audits have provided valuable roadmaps for upgrades that will be done as funding sources allow.
  • Lighting changes funded through energy conservation grants have reduced energy consumption.
  • Employees participate in energy management procedures to eliminate the use of personal electronic devices at the workplace.
  • Energy management of HVAC systems is conducted at all park facilities through a computer program.
  • Equipment replacement with Energy Star Equipment is practiced.


  • Groveland Oaks is the first park in Michigan to be environmentally certified by the Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program All five Oakland County Parks Golf Courses have also achieved certification.
  • Oakland County Parks is working with the Retired Engineers Technical Assistance Foundation in conducting energy audits at all park facilities in order to improve and maintain green efforts.
  • Look for our Green Initiatives logo and signs to see other efforts we are making to improve the parks and environment.