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Trails: Oak Routes

Whether you are looking for a leisurely family hike down a rail trail or passing through a historic neighborhood on your morning commute to work, Oakland County has it all.

NEW! A Bicyclist's Guide to Southeast Oakland County  Find the best routes for your bicycle trip through the communities of Southeast Oakland County.

The emerging "Oak Routes" network of trails, pathways, and blueways traverses much of the 910 square miles of the county. This non-motorized system is envisioned to serve a diverse range of users, providing safe and well-maintained linkages to important natural, cultural and civic destinations and other points of interest within and outside of the county.

Several of the trail systems in Oakland County serve a distinct role in Governor Snyder's vision for a "Belle Isle to Wisconsin" Trail, and Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance's Great Lake-to-Lake Trail .  

A currentOak Routes Map is available for download or by contacting ocparks@oakgov.com or 1-888-OCPARKS.

The major existing trail routes in Oakland County include:
Clinton River Trail
Headwaters Trails
Huron Valley Trail
I-275 Metro Trail
Lakes Community Trail
Milford Trail
Paint Creek Trail
Polly Ann Trail
West Bloomfield Trail
Water Trails - Clinton, Shiawassee and Huron

These major trails are linked to a substantial network of secondary pathways and greenways. Each with a specific purpose and design, Oakland County's current and planned non-motorized network employs a hierarchical system of pathways, as noted below:

 Type  Description
 1. Trail Physically separated from motorized vehicluar traffic by an open space or barrier and either within the highway right-of-way or within an independent right-of-way. These shared-use paths may be used by a variety of non-motorized users.
 2. Sidepath/Safety Path A shared-use path located immediately adjacent and parallel to a roadway. Are 6' to 8' wide on average.
 3. Sidewalk Pedestrian pathways that are generally located within a road right-of-way, but separate from the roadway and are typically not as wide as safety/sidepaths.
 4. Bike Lane A portion of a roadway which has been designated by pavement markings and, if used, signs, for the preferential or exclusive use of bicyclists.
 5. Bike Route A roadway or bikeway designated by the jurisdication having the authority, either with a unique route designation or with BIKE ROUTE signs, along which bicycle guide signs may provide directional and distance information.
 6. Park Path Pathways within an existing State, Regional Metropark, County, or Municipal recreation area.
 7. Water Trail Waterways that will support established kayaking and canoeing trails.

Looking for information on trails in Oakland County Parks?  Click here for more info.