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Waterpark Rules

Waterparks are under 24-hour video surveillance.

Rules for all Oakland County Parks are available on the Rules & Regulations page.

General Waterpark Rules and Information

  1. To receive the Oakland County Resident rate, the guest making the ticket purchase must show proof of current Oakland County residency on a valid photo ID at the time of purchase.
  2. Children ages 11 and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  3. Waterparks are smoke-free facilities. Benches and ashtrays are provided outside front entrances.
  4. Please do not talk to or distract lifeguards, unless there is an emergency. A lifeguard's role is surveillance of the water features, not to assist with the supervision of  your group or to babysit children. 
  5. Alcohol prohibited inside the waterparks and is further prohibited in the waterpark parking lot.
  6. Glass containers prohibited inside the waterparks.
  7. Both waterparks are family-friendly facilities. Swearing, lewd, inappropriate or slang language is not allowed.
  8. Loitering in locker rooms is prohibited.
  9. Guests may exit and re-enter the waterpark by obtaining a wristband from the main entrance prior to exiting. The wristband must be attached by a park staff member. Broken, damaged or stretched wristbands will be considered invalid for re-entry. Guests without a wristband will not be allowed to enter the waterpark. Used admission tickets and purchase receipts are not valid for re-entry.
  10. Visitors must be shorter than 56 inches to go on The Big Bucket at Waterford Oaks and Splashtown at Red Oaks, and taller than 43 inches to ride the waterslide at Red Oaks Waterpark.
  11. Only service animals are permitted in the waterpark.
  12. Lifejackets, tubes, tables, chairs, shaded areas and charcoal grills are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and may be used by guests who are present in the waterpark. They may not be held for anticipated guests. A valid state ID maybe required to check out a lifejacket. Tubes must remain in the pool area and may not be taken to picnic areas.
  13. Outside tubes, chairs, umbrellas, tents and/or grills are prohibited.
  14. Guests may bring their own personal flotation devices, however, they must be U.S. Coast Guard approved with the stamped seal.
  15. Fins, snorkels and other water toys or devices are not permitted. Goggles/masks may be worn at patron’s discretion.
  16. Ball and/or Frisbee throwing/kicking is not permitted inside the waterparks.
  17. Only personal radios are allowed in the park and may only be listened to via headphones. Playing a stereo/boom-box with speakers is not allowed. 
  18. Oakland County Parks and its waterparks are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.
  19. The waterpark public address system may not be used for personal paging.
  20. Guests may only enter water features at designated entrance areas.
  21. Guests may not jump or dive into the wave pools, slide pools or river ride.
  22. In the case of inclement weather, water attractions will close for at least 30 minutes after the last occurrence of lightening or thunder. If inclement weather persists, management reserves the right to close the waterpark for the day. No refunds or rain checks will be given.
  23. Proper swim attire must be worn in all water features. Proper swim attire is defined as commercial swim suit with a built-in liner.
  24. Swim diapers are required if children are not toilet trained.
  25. Lightweight, non-restrictive shorts and shirts may be worn over proper swim attire. However, these may not be street clothes.
  26. Religious accommodations – a lined swimsuit is the required and may be worn underneath commercially approved full-body swim attire. The clothing material must be light weight, such as nylon, polyester or lycra, so that it does not inhibit one’s ability to swim or support one’s self at the water’s surface should the clothing become water logged or laden.
  27. Waterparks are subject to capacity. When capacity is reached, no more tickets will be sold and only people who have purchased admission tickets from the park for that day will be admitted. If capacity is reached before 1:30 p.m., the Waterpark will reopen by 4:30 p.m. If capacity is reached at or after 1:30 p.m., the waterpark will not reopen for the day. Waterpark officials have the right to adjust these times to meet the needs of the facility and maintain optimal safety.
  28. No refunds or rain checks due to early closing, inclement weather, mechanical failure or low attendance.
  29. All staff have the right and responsibility to stop any play or action which they deem dangerous or unsafe.
  30. Management reserves the right to refuse anyone entry or remove any one from the facility temporarily or permanently for violating any waterpark rule, policy, or procedure.

Feature-specific Rules

Wave Pool

  1. The only flotation devices allowed are Oakland County Parks and Recreation clear tubes and U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets.
  2. Horseplay can be dangerous and is not permitted.
  3. Only one tube per person while in the pool. Tubes may not be stacked in the water. Tubes must remain in the pool area at all times and may not in the picnic areas. 
  4. Swimmer must enter the pool from the shallow end. Ladders are to be used for exiting the pool only. The ladder on the back wall is restricted to lifeguard or emergency use only.

Waterslide (Red Oaks)

  1. Riders must be at least 43" tall to ride.
  2. Patrons must ride alone.
  3. No loose articles (sunglasses, shoes, shirts, etc.) may go with the rider.
  4. Patrons must ride feet first in either a seated or lying (on back) position. Standing or kneeling is not permitted.
  5. Lifeguards and parents may not catch riders in the splash pools.
  6. Skipping in line, rowdy play and spitting in line are prohibited.
  7. Riders must walk to the starting point, be seated, and stationary until staff signals them to start. Running and other moving starts are prohibited.
  8. Splash pools must be exited immediately. Riders or others may not linger in the splash pools.

Group Raft Ride (Waterford Oaks)

  1. Riders must be 30" tall to ride the Group Raft Ride. (Anyone shorter than 43" tall must be accompanied by a parent.)
  2. Small children may not ride on the lap of a parent or other person, but should be seated next to them holding onto the handles.
  3. 2-5 people may ride in one raft.
  4. Each rider must enter feet first, and remain seated with his/her back against the side, holding on to the handles at all times. No standing or kneeling is permitted.

River Ride (Red Oaks)

  1. No horseplay, jumping or diving.
  2. Riders must have an Oakland County Parks and Recreation colored tube to ride. No more than one tube per person.
  3. No walking or swimming around the river. No swimming or lounging in river entrance/exit.
  4. No going against the current. No stopping or standing.
  5. You must enter and exit the river at designated area only. 

Water Playground
Splashtown (Red Oaks) 
The Big Bucket (Waterford Oaks)

  1. Children entering the water playground must be no taller than 56 inches. A measuring pole is available for checking heights.
  2. Adults may accompany small children onto the water playground but may not go down the slides.
  3. Only sand chairs are allowed in water playgroup area.