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Oakland County Parks continues to invest in a variety of adaptive equipment. 

Single rider carts are available for individuals with spinal cord injuries, amputees and other physical impairments at all
Oakland County Parks golf courses.

The cart features a swivel seat that moves to a standing position and also pivots left and right, for maximum activity. The large non-slip wide tires reduce the potential of damage to the fairways.

Contact the course 72 hours prior to tee time to arrange cart availability.

Pedal boats
Hand-operated boats available at
Groveland Oaks and Independence Oaks.

Pool Transfer Chairs
Waterford Oaks and Red Oaks Waterparks are equipped with water transfer chairs to enable individuals to transfer from a wheelchair and easily access the water.

Picnic Tables
Available at all facilities.

Campsites and cabins with wheelchair accessible ramps.

Hand Cycles
Adult and child hand cycle - Part of the Go! Bike unit. 
All-Terrain Trail and Beach Chairs
These can be used on trails, beaches and snow. 

Paved trails at
Addison Oaks, Groveland Oaks, Independence Oaks, Lyon Oaks, and Waterford Oaks.
Program Support
Staff/Volunteers are available to assist in including people with disabilities into our general recreation programs.