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Archery Hunting Rules

Park Rules Specific to Archery Hunting

• Trapping and firearms hunting is prohibited at all times within park boundaries without express consent of park authority.

• Permitted hunting will be in accordance with the laws of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR).

• Parking in designated lots only. Roadside parking around park perimeter prohibited.

• Vehicles in designated parking lots must display a valid annual/daily Oakland County Parks Motor Vehicle Pass. 

• Hours: ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset, or as posted.

• Hikers, hunters, equestrians, and bikers may share the park during the season. Please hunt responsibly.

• Deer harvested, and deer shot and not recovered, should be reported to Park management within 24 hours.

• MDNR Baiting Regulations strictly enforced.

• Safety zones for residential/commercial areas are signed and strictly enforced.


• Treestands and blinds may be present September 1 - March 1.

• Tree stands and blinds must be properly marked and comply with MDNR rules that state "a portable deer stand left overnight must have the hunter's name and address on the stand and be readable from the ground."

• Use of bolts, screws, and screw-in type steps are not allowed; Stands and associated equipment may not pierce trees.

• Parks personnel will remove any and all stands and blinds that are in violation of the MDNR rules. Appropriated stands and blinds are placed in the Oakland County Auction on a rolling basis.

• MDNR Hunting Season and License information.

• MDNR Hunting License Fees.
• No trail flagging material should be placed on trees, branches or other objects.  Do not remove existing flagging.

• ABSOLUTELY no marking or defacing of any tree, plant, shrub, etc.

• Fires and overnight camping are not permitted at any time.

• Your help is important in keeping Oakland County Parks safe, clean, and well-maintained. Report hunting-related incidents and accidents to 911. Report poaching and other illegal hunting activity to the MDNR RAP Hotline at1-800-292-7800. Report park incidents, accidents or vandalism to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office at 248-858-4950.

• Uses of the Oakland County Parks are governed by the "Park Rules & Regulations: enacted by the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission February 8, 1966 and with revisions most recent January 2013. These rules can be viewed on our web site or a copy can be requested by calling 248-858-0906.

• Additional Information for The Oakland County Auction including dates, times, items, and registration.