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Mushroom Hunting

Mushroom hunters are asked to observe the following guidelines when collecting mushrooms from Oakland County Park:

1. Mushroom hunters will be permitted to gather mushrooms off-trail provided excessive trampling of natural areas is not observed by Park staff.

2. Mushroom hunters are expected to otherwise adhere to all current Oakland County Park Rules and Regulations.

3. Mushrooms are to be collected in open weave baskets or equivalent collection device to increase the potential for spore dispersal as mushrooms are moved through the property.

4. Mushroom hunters may not make a total harvest of mushrooms at any given collection site. A number of representatives of each species harvested must be left behind at each collection site.

5. Mushroom hunters are to practice good natural area stewardship by ensuring that their outerwear, gloves, and boots are free of mud and hitch-hiking seeds before hunting mushrooms on Oakland County Parks property.

6. Any coarse woody debris (logs, stumps, etc.) moved during the mushroom collection process should be returned to its original resting spot to preserve the integrity of insect and herptile microhabitat.

7. Mushroom hunters are to submit a list of mushroom species they find on Park property to park staff for inventory purposes. Species lists may be submitted to Park Supervisors or Brittany Bird at birdb@oakgov.com.

8. Mushrooms collected on Oakland County Park property are intended for personal consumption and are not to be sold.

9. Mushroom hunters will be requested to report the location of any invasive species they happen to see while out in the field (they may indicate invasive locations on trail maps and submit to Brittany Bird).

10. Oakland County Parks does not assume responsibility for the identification of any mushroom species on its property and is not responsible for any illness which may result from the ingestion of a wild mushroom.

False Morels - Oakland County Health Department

Nationwide Poison Hotline Number: 1-800-222-1222

Southeast Michigan Poison Control Center Locations:

Detroit Medical Center (DMC)
Children's Hospital of Michigan
Regional Poison Control Center
3901 Beaubien
Detroit, MI 48201

University of Michigan Poison Center
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University Hospitals
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