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Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis is an American racquet sport enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages. It is the only racquet sport that players can enjoy outdoors in cold weather. This unique appeal attracts people who desire fresh air, competition, and social engagement - all on a chilly winter's night.

Because it is easy to learn, platform tennis is enjoyed by players as young as eight and as old as old bones allow!

Why Platform Tennis?

The Court
The game is played on an elevated aluminum deck 1/4 the size of a tennis court. Surrounded by a 12' high superstructure, taut 16-gauge "chicken wire" fencing allows play off the walls, similar to racquetball and squash.

The base of a platform tennis court is usually enclosed, where a heating system beneath the deck melts snow and ice on the aggregate deck surface, allowing athletes to play outdoors in all weather conditions.

Rules differ from tennis with one serve and use of screening to keep the ball in play.

The Equipment
Platform tennis paddles are made of a composite material with aerodynamic holes drilled in the head. Paddles are approximately 18" long. The spongy, rubber ball measures 2.5" in diameter. A flocking material on its exterior keeps the ball from skidding.



Membership Fees  

2015-16 Season: October-April
Individual    $230
Family         $360
Trial            $115/individual   $180/family 

Fees include 
the cost of the lights, heaters and access to the warming hut. There is no additional charge for court time. Trial memberships are for half seasons. First season: October-January; second season: January-April.



Waterford Oaks 
1702 Scott Lake Road
Waterford, MI 48328

Paddle Club Coordinators 
Betsy Hodges:  248-892-0580
Jay Reynolds:  248-645-9671